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As a small, locally owned dive shop, we are dedicated to providing personalized scuba experiences. At our dive shop, we believe in the value of private diving, ensuring you receive the time and attention you deserve. Explore the underwater wonders with us, where personalized service and unforgettable moments come together for a truly exceptional diving adventure.

At Scuba Safari, we believe in building connections that go beyond guest interactions. What starts as a visit transforms into a friendship, and those friendships evolve into family bonds. So, consider yourself not just a guest, but a cherished member of the Scuba Safari family. Welcome home.

Meet Norman Arends

Norman Arends - Dive Enthusiast and Ocean Ambassador

Meet Norman Arends, a true aficionado of the ocean with over 15 years of dive experience. Norman's passion for the underwater world is not just a profession; it's a way of life. His extensive knowledge, honed through years of exploration, is a testament to his commitment to sharing the breathtaking beauty of Aruba's underwater realms.


Expertise: With over a decade of diving under his belt, Norman's expertise is the foundation of unforgettable underwater adventures. His deep understanding of the ocean ecosystems, marine life, and dive techniques ensures that every excursion is not just a dive but an immersive experience.


Love for the Ocean: Norman's connection with the ocean goes beyond the surface. His love for marine life and commitment to environmental conservation make him an advocate for responsible diving practices. Join Norman, and you'll not only witness the wonders of the deep but also contribute

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